A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

On behalf of the administrative team and teachers at Robert Morgan Educational Center (RMEC), I would like to welcome you to our school.

The Parent/Student Handbook has been prepared to inform you about the educational programs, requirements and procedures that must be adhered to while attending RMEC. With 5 Academies and 22 program offerings, we pride ourselves in being the Miami-Dade County Public Schools leader in college & career pathways!

I am excited to lead your children as we navigate into uncharted waters. While our diverse campus is comprised of two schools, we are one family. To be a Pirate is to be part of an educational entity that provides numerous avenues of opportunities. This year’s theme is Navigating through Uncharted Waters. This is defined as an unknown or not-recorded body of water on a map, part of an ocean that no one has successfully ventured. Together, we will guide your children through unprecedented times and work together to promote growth, learning and guidance, all while supporting one another.

Personally, I am both honored and excited to lead our Pirate Family to bright and promising horizons!

Kenneth Williams, Principal

staff portrait