Veterinary Assisting


Pre-Requisite: Honors Physical Science minimum C or higher in 8th grade.

The Veterinary Assisting Strand offers students hands on opportunities working with animals in a school based laboratory setting while experiencing membership in the National FFA Organization (FFA) and the opportunity to earn the Certified Veterinary Assistant industry certification at the end of their Senior year. During the Junior and Senior years of high school, the student will be working in a clinical internship at a local veterinary clinic. The coursework in class will prepare the students for college and career through project based learning and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards. Their membership in the FFA will help them develop leadership and communication.

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Meet Ms. Jackson

  • Robert Morgan Veterinary Assisting Academy Teacher – 2 year 
  • Teacher at several schools with agriscience and veterinary programs –  14 years
  • Certified Agricultural Technician  
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant   
  • Agriscience Education Leadership Program Class #13 
  • State of Highschool Graduation: Tennessee  
  • Grew up on a 100-acre farm in Tennessee. She had many health-related experiences including suturing injured horses, preventatives for cattle and hogs, administering injections for cats, dogs, horses, cattle, and hogs,  feeding orphaned young, neutering hogs and cattle, and many more. Worked at a Vet Hospital in Michigan as a Vet Assistant and had experience restraining animals, assisting x-rays, blood draws, administering  vaccinations, medications, anesthetics, dentals, and much more. 

Experience Veterinary Assisting…

What we study…

  • 9th grade: Veterinary Assisting Level 1
  • 10th grade: Veterinary Assisting Level 2
  • 11th grade: Veterinary Assisting 3
  • 12th grade: Veterinary Assisting 4 and Veterinary Assisting 5

What we do…

  • Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA)
  • Care for and train with domestic (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc) & exotic (snakes, tarantulas, lizards, etc) animals on school grounds
  • Clinical internship at a local veterinary clinic
  • Membership in the National FFA Organization (FFA)
  • Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects

Contact Information

Atisha Jackson

Instagram @robertmorganffa_offical 


  • What is a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)? This is a required year long project that may span over a single year or multiple years that is student led and instructor supervised. SAEs provide an opportunity in agricultural education for students to earn community service hours for graduation requirements, college acceptance, scholarships, and other awards while also giving them real world skills in a work based learning experience to be acquainted with an area of agriculture/animal science that interests them. The Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program involves practical agricultural activities performed by students outside of scheduled classroom and laboratory time. SAEs are an important component of agriculture/animal science education and a required element of all Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) courses.
  • Why FFA Membership? FFA offers numerous leadership development, career development, and informational events to help students make a positive difference in their lives by developing leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. The educational opportunities in FFA will help grow and develop the next generation of leaders by teaching competent and assertive leadership, strengthening confidence of students in themselves and their work, encouraging achievement in Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), developing their interpersonal, teamwork, communication, human relations, and social interaction skills, while building character and promoting citizenship. It also promotes healthy lifestyle choices and excellence in scholarship for young people who will change the world.
  • Why earn the CVA? Certified Veterinary Assistants industry certification ensures that veterinary assistants are efficient and competent in their duties through the establishment of standard levels of knowledge, practical experience, and skill. These students will be highly respected and sought after by employers who value the formalized training and skill competencies. This certification offers an excellent foundation for immediate employment after high school, or for entering college programs such as the AS in veterinary technology or even veterinary college.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an FVMA CVA? Certification through the FVMA also grants you membership in its affiliated entity, the Florida Association of Certified Veterinary Assistants (FACVA). Through the FACVA and under the umbrella of the FVMA students will have career networking opportunities with thousands of veterinary colleagues, discounted world class Continuing Education, and conference registration.