Experience Cosmetology

Life of a Cosmetology Student

  • Hands on experience will include; Manicures & Pedicures, Facials, Hair Removal and Hair Braiding.
  • Infection Control: Barbicide Course & Training to understand proper sanitation and disinfection practices. 
  • Students will receive a Barbicide Covid-19 Certification.
  • Balance time in the classroom with time spent on the clinical floor.
  • Students will be in a salon setting and can work with real clients under direct supervision.

We Are As Strong As The Hairspray We Use…

  • Collaboration:
    • Pirate Jamborees
    • Black History Show
    • Culinary Arts
    • Drama/Theater
  • Community Service:
    • Senior Prom at a Senior Assistant Living Facility (Hair and Makeup)
    • Making lip balm and providing manicures for Breast Cancer survivors
    • Educating special needs students (Homestead Middle School) on skills related to hair and skin care.
  • Several 1st and 2nd place medals in Skills USA yearly.
  • Graduates have become successful in the industry becoming amazing stylist and salon owners.

Contact Information

Candice Crapp, Cosmetology Instructor

Judy Vargas, Cosmetology Instructor