RMEC Clubs

2023-2024 CLUBS LIST


ALFONSOSPANISH CLUBCHW7-SJNH-B94TP ¡Bienvenidos al club de español!
Welcome to the Spanish Club at Robert Morgan Educational Center! Overview:
Spanish Club is a student-led after school club that offers its members exposure to the Spanish-speaking world and its rich, diverse cultures. Club members will be exposed to music, movies, art, clothing, and food! This is a social club that welcomes any student who wants to join… contrary to the name, there is no need to know any Spanish here! Club members should expect to learn, create, unwind, and make new friends and memories along the way.
BLAIRFCCLA3HMH-V4KT-8K6KMWith FCCLA, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.Students that are/have been enrolled in any
Family and Consumer Sciences class in middle school or high school.
BLANCOTHESPIAN HONOR SOCIETY7RVR-CX74-5X2NRInternational Thespian Honor Society is a club where we compete in the Thespy competitions, perform in plays, and perform in musicals. We teach our club members proper technique in singing, dancing, and acting. To be a thespian includes a $35 fee, which includes our club membership and senior stole.Any student in grades 9-12 who have a 2.0 GPA or higher in all academic/academy classes.
BURROWSINTERACT CLUBM979-MHN2-M6487RMEC’s Interact Club brings our students together and helps them with developing leadership skills while discovering the power of service above self.
We work together to connect with leaders in the community and we organize at least two major projects, one that helps the school/community and one that promotes international understanding.
CASTELLANOSHIPV386-28HK-WDC44An informational research program to teach teens about health related topics.Juniors who are willing to make a two year commitment to the club and participate in all of the trainings that HIP provided.
CRAPPBIBLE GROUPS4V4-HJVN-6KKGTBible Group give students the opportunity to experience Christ and connect with other students through fellowship, fun, games and pizza. We equip students with resources and create a safe space on campus where any and everyone is loved and welcomed.“You shall love your neighbor as yourself” All
are welcome
DELGADOMU ALPHA THETA95WQ-VJWF-9TBX5Mu alpha theta provides a method for schools to recognize and encourage students who enjoy and excel in mathematics. Mu Alpha Theta is “an organization dedicated to promoting scholarship in mathematics and establishing math as an integral part of high school and junior college education.”Students must meet national requirements to become members of Mu Alpha Theta.
DIAZHOSA//FEUILLETR8TC-P34K-KZ5F9HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services and several federal and state agencies. HOSA’s mission is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.
HOSA is not a club to which a few students in school join. Rather, HOSA is a powerful instructional tool that works best when it is integrated into Health Science Education and health science related curriculum and classrooms. We are committed to the development of the total person. The rapidly changing health care system needs dedicated workers who, in addition to their technical skills, are people-oriented and capable of playing a leadership role as a member of a health care team.
Mandatory for the Health Science Academy
(non-Veterinary) student and all others are welcome to join also.
DOCTORAFRICAN AMERICANXG6N-HW9M-793GNCelebrating African American culture through empowerment, history, and community service.Any student with 2.0 GPA or higher.
FEUILLETLEO CLUBCNN7-DFNQ-PGNXDLeo Club is a club that exists for the purpose of educating the community to make hats and donate them to people in need.Anyone who is commitment to attend the
meetings and do the hats for the needy.
FIGUEROLATITLE 1 CHESS CLUB5559-XRFZ-VGVFBTitle I Chess: A place for chess players of all skill levels to meet and develop their play.
Adventure & Board Gaming Club: A group for students who love all types of tabletop gaming, be it board games or role-playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons).
All students
FERGUSON/GOODINGTHE MORGAN MINUTE9H72-T4V8-NF5RCA journalism club that generates informed voices. The Morgan Minute allows students to submit environmental, humanitarian, or social issues, prioritizing underrepresented issues in our media.
GUDISCIENCE NATIONAL HONOR SODS75-T4WS-JTKPRWe make students aware of the environment they are living in and the human impact on that environment. We make them aware of their duty as a science student and an alert citizen towards the society.Science students of all grades with high GPA
who are environmentally conscious, highly enthusiastic, who should be able to work in teams
HARDENRHO KAPPARC9Q-V8DD-S6KWWStudents with a passion for social studies and community service will find like minded students who support each other in their studies.Full membership – juniors and seniors with an
overall gpa of 3.0 and a social studies gpa of
3.25.  Junior members – freshman and sophomores who have a gpa of 3.0 and passing grade in world history.
HARDENKorean Culture and GSA56RW-JRXF-M68TG Korean culture and GSA
HUGHESDECA64SV-NBBZ-WRSPPDECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.Anyone
JACKSONFFA6PFD-FVXB-7NZRFFFA offers leadership and career development events for student participation and through these type of events it makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their leadership, personal growth, and career success potential through agricultural education. It strengthens confidence of students in themselves and their work encouraging teamwork, communication, human relations, and social interaction skills, while building character and promoting citizenship. FFA promotes healthy lifestyle choices and excellence in scholarship for young people who will change the world.Students enrolled in an agricultural class.
Student- lead showing of their favorite films, discussions, tee shirts, hats, and field trips.
All who are serious about learning the film industry.
LEONSECME93WP-CZ8N-HBRVZPromotes students’ creativity in building engineering projects for competitions within MDCPS.  Some projects are as simple as building a container that is dropped two story building and an egg inside the box need to remain intact after the fall.
MARCHESERHAPSODY A CAPELLA43PB-DSKJ-96BWWRobert Morgan’s own award-winning Contemporary A Cappella Pop Vocal Ensemble. Looking for singers and vocal percussionists (aka beatboxers)!Any RMEC 9-12th grader. 2.0 minimum GPA
MARSHALLWOMEN OF TOMORROWHJ3D-8R5C-HJVJ2The Women of Tomorrow mission is to inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a unique group mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities.
PEREZ-ARHILLAFASHION CLUB975G-W94F-5D4ZSThe Fashion Club is for any individual interested in makeup, modeling, fashion design, set design, clothing, and careers in the fashion industry. Our goal is to promote school spirit while encouraging students to engage in their fashion forward creativity.Anyone who likes fashion design or
PEREZ-ARHILLAFEA2G27-5RNJ-7XM9ZFuture Educators of America (FEA) The program provides a forum for students to become aware of career opportunities in education and nurtures their interest in teaching as a career.Any student with a 2.5 GPA or higher with an
interest in the Education field.
ROJAS-BENITEZSTANDSV9K-RQQ4-N87SXThis club promotes making postivie decisions, while encouraging students to become educated about things that could harm them.Students in grades 9-12
ROQUECULINARY CLUBQJT9-C59J-9MKSJIs a student run club that will focus on learning healthy eating habits and to create outreach opportunities in the community by providing healthy culinary experiences at school and at community events
SCHECKNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYD5F9-8RR6-WKFRWNational Honor Society (NHS) is the most prestigious high school organization that is by invitation. Students must have a 3.2 unweighted and 4.0 weighted GPA. Sophomores are invited to be NHS affiliates and juniors are inducted if they complete all requirements by the end of the school year. Only 10th and 11th graders are able to join, current inducted seniors must complete requirements to maintain NHS status. Students must demonstrate the following: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.10th – 12th grade students with a 4.0 weighted
SCHECKCOMMUNITY SERVICECF66-7SMB-QMX7PCommunity Service Club is for ANY student who wants to make the world a better place. We advertise community service opportunities. We participate in community service projects.Anyone
SCHECKSILVER KNIGHTC2KH-842R-TJMS5Silver Knight Awards is one of the nation’s most highly regarded awards programs for students who have a community service project.The program is open to high school seniors with
a minimum 3.2 GPA (unweighted) GPA and a community service project..
SHEARYTRI-M HONOR SOCIETYF98Q-G8V9-JB2GMTri-M is the only music honor society for junior/middle school and high school students in United States. Tri-M recognizes students that have gone above and beyond both academically and musically. Tri-M also provides students leadership opportunities to make a difference in their community through music-based service projects. Music Participation
Candidates must have been enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble and/or class for at least one semester of the current school year.
must be enrolled in a chorus and/or instrumental music class to be eligible
Students of the VPA academy with a GPA of 3.0
or higher.
SIXTOAMNESTY INTERNATIONALB8KV-W938-5VV54Though we’re the Amnesty International Club I consider our club to be an emotional support club for we not only discuss the issues people are facing around the world we always bring it back to our own backyard and now our focus is helping our Pirate Pantry thrive as well as Miami’s Casa Valentina which help foster children who have aged out of the system get ready for the work force. This year we plan on working with Ms. Pardo to be like the Make A Wish Foundation by granting our pirates with anything they might need in order to thrive. Last year we helped a senior get his cap and gown!Anyone interested in discussing how we can make our corner of the world a better place!
SMITH5000 ROLE MODELSXZ63-2NH8-QHBRBThe 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is a dropout prevention, mentoring program committed to closing the minority male achievement (access) gap by guiding minority male students along a carefully charted path through grades K-12 and collegeAny young man interested is eligible.
TORRESENGLISH HONOR SOCIETYPTFP-2VHB-89Q99National English Honor Society not only recognizes on the national level those on basis of academic grades and performance, but at the same time nurtures members to further develop their abilities in the
various fields of English.
10th -12th grade with GPA requirement and
TORRESBOOK CLUBNHMK-ZXTC-NGP3FA book club is a reading group, consisting of a number of people who read and talk about books based on a topic or an agreed-upon reading list. Book Club will meet during lunch once a month in order to give members time to read the next book. Book clubs can be focused on literary critique or on less academic topics. Book clubs are focused on a certain genre, such as romance or horror depending on what the group decides.9th-12th graders with interests in reading and exploring different texts
GONZALEZART HONOR SOCIETYMBXF-NSB7-MBTN7Its purpose is to assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community.Any student
GARRIGOFBLA7SPN-9ZVC-QPQ3BFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA) aims to prepare students for careers in business and leadership. FBLA offers a wide range of competitive events and leadership opportunities for its students/members. These events cover various business-related topics such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. FBLA also provides networking opportunities with professionals and other students who share similar interests. This club allows members to build connections and gain valuable insights into the business world, offers scholarships and recognition programs to reward outstanding achievements. Overall, FBLA stands out for its commitment to developing the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the business field.Membership is open to all students.